VIN decoder

VIN decoder

The fact is that the main purpose of the code wines is to identify the car. It is thanks to the unique code structure and the presence of a verification number that can reduce the risk of acquiring a stolen vehicle.

Almost all car manufacturers use a VIN code, it is defined by ISO 3779-1983 (international standard). Vin code is the identification of each car, which is almost impossible to fake. But fraudsters regularly try to fake this VIN, and sometimes they manage to do it, since the calculation of fraudsters is done on the carelessness and negligence of a person who buys a car.

In order to secure the transaction when buying / selling a car, you must carefully check the VIN decoder, as well as check it against the database.

Such a check of the wines of the code, absolutely any vehicle, not only passenger cars that have been registered, just enter the VIN number of the car in this form on our website and in a matter of seconds you will learn all the information about your car.

The international standard ISO 3779, which describes the vehicle’s VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) format, provides reliable protection against theft and theft, and also allows you to classify and identify the car.

The VIN code consists of letters and numbers, the combination of which cannot be redone, since when creating the code, an algorithm for calculating the control number is used, by which you can check the car for theft. Even knowing the principle of creating the algorithm, hijackers can not fake VIN for the desired control number.

For the first time, VIN-code began to be used in 1977 by Canadian and American automakers. Until now, all exporters to the United States and car manufacturers in this country adhere to the ISO 3779 standard, however, in Europe this principle of machine identification is not always respected.

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